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Accounting Office

Mrs. Aziza Saadoun Damrani 



The Consulting Group for Accounting and Auditing operates in the field: 

  • Accounting. 

  • Auditing 

  • Taxes. 

  • Establishing companies 

Specialized office in serving and developing small and medium-sized companies, we provide many services necessary to maintain and develop startups and help the owners and decision-makers within these companies to operate in the Egyptian market and adhere to all tax or commercial laws and instructions that regulate investment procedures in Egypt. We care about all financial and accounting matters for companies, as we are always keen to spare our clients stress, confusion and time in completing accounting and tax matters and clearing government procedures, so that they can focus on managing and developing their business in a faster time and with high accuracy. 

Our goal 

Serving customers in the financial, tax and legal fields, providing economic options and administrative solutions to raise the level of customers to maintain the continuity and development of projects, in addition to educating customers about untapped investment opportunities unknown to many owners of companies and commercial establishments. 

Our vision 

Helping our clients because they are in strong competition in all business fields, by providing all the advice, assistance and practical solutions necessary for the advancement and continuity in the field of accounting and auditing. 

Our message 

A professional corporation specialized in serving and developing companies. 

We always strive for excellence and complete all work accurately through a good relationship with the client and through our team that has good experience in the field of accounting and auditing. We aspire to build a strong relationship with our clients and make efforts to achieve the highest level of professionalism in the labor market. 

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