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An overview about the establishment of companies in Egypt 

Who among us does not think of creating a project that generates a monthly or annual profit? Of course, many people think of setting up a business (for example, a clothing store), or establishing an online business. 

In fact, it is not that easy, but it is subject to special laws and regulations, and all companies are also subject to the tax transactions of the state. 

Therefore, no individual or group can establish a company on their own and start any commercial activity in Egypt without being subject to these laws, which requires a good corporate lawyer in Egypt to help in establishing and registering these companies in the correct legal manner. 

  • Establishing all types of companies and individual enterprises and all activities of all kinds and forms, private schools and educational institutions. 

  • Issuing the necessary licenses such as the tax card, the commercial registry, the industrial registry, the importers' registry, the exporters' registry, the commercial agents' registry, and assisting companies in obtaining the ISO certificate. 

  • Providing establishments, agencies and companies with all tax advice. 

  • Solving and settling all types of disputes related to commercial and industrial profits tax, sales tax, value added tax, work income tax (salaries) and stamp tax. 

  • Approving budgets and financial statements, auditing corporate accounts, whether individuals or joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, associations and charities. 

  • Establishing civil and charitable associations and institutions. 

  • Preparing annual, semi-annual and quarterly budgets and financial statements, and the monthly approved financial reports. 

  • Dealing with the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, the Financial Regulatory Authority, and tax authority of the shareholding and investment companies. 

  • Solving all insurance disputes with the Social Insurance Authority and the Labor Office. 

  • Maintain all accounting books and records, manual and computerized accounting system. 

  • Solve all disputes of real estate tax authority. 

  • Preparing all types of feasibility studies and estimated budgets. 

  • Carrying out a periodic audit for companies and establishments. Assessment of inventory committees at the end of each financial period. 

  • Preparing and approving annual tax returns. 

  • Preparing monthly VAT returns. 

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